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A fashion to advance with the times, walking in the front of the society.


1, responsible, strong communication and adaptability

2, to assist the superior to develop a sales plan, to complete the sales target assigned by the superior;

3, investigation, collection of customer information within the region, to understand the dynamics of competing products and feedback market information;

4, actively sell the company's products, timely recovery of money, to ensure the safety of goods;

5, regular visits to customers, maintain good customer relationship, stable market prices, and actively assist customers to sell;

6, complete the sales report and other temporary work.


2235, 1 years old, college degree or above, international trade, textile, clothing, printing and dyeing related majors;

2, 2 years of working experience in special yarn;

3, good oral English communication skills.

4, have a driver's license, priority.

招贤纳士Business Director