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Position Summary:

1, to assist in the processing of orders throughout the work (including orders, arrange accessories, tracking progress, quality tracking, travel inspection and other work)

2, new product development work (follow the sample preparation, quality confirmation, price check, make quotation, etc.;

3, confirm factory delivery, delivery time and transportation and communication matters;

4, to assist in the completion of the design, proofing and production orders and other related work and data files to co-ordinate the work;


1, 18-28 years old, technical secondary school or above.

2, foreign trade English, marketing, printing and dyeing, textile and garment related professional priority;

3, work carefully and seriously, a strong sense of responsibility, honest and reliable, good conduct;

4. One year or above related experience in related field, driving license or fluent oral English is preferred.


Position Summary:

1 to achieve the company's sales target, gross profit target, collection target;

2 to assist the superior in making sales plan and ensure the completion of sales plan;

3 collect customer data in the area, understand the dynamic and feedback the market information, analyze the customer and market regularly, and form a report;

4 according to customer visit plan and sales plan to visit customers regularly to communicate with customers and help customers to sell;

5 deal with customer order related issues, assist business customer contact;

6 coordinate communication between departments to ensure the smooth flow of the departments and departments;

7 complete sales report data and other temporary work.


1.2535, college degree or above, international trade, textile, clothing, printing and dyeing related majors;

2 more than 2 years working experience in special yarn;

3 hold C1 driver's license;

4 good communication skills in english.

RecruitForeign trade business manager

Position Summary:

1, responsible, strong communication and adaptability

2, to assist the superior to develop a sales plan, to complete the sales target assigned by the superior;

3, investigation, collection of customer information within the region, to understand the dynamics of competing products and feedback market information;

4, actively sell the company's products, timely recovery of money, to ensure the safety of goods;

5, regular visits to customers, maintain good customer relationship, stable market prices, and actively assist customers to sell;

6, complete the sales report and other temporary work.


2235, 1 years old, college degree or above, international trade, textile, clothing, printing and dyeing related majors;

2, 2 years of working experience in special yarn;

3, good oral English communication skills.

4, have a driver's license, priority.

RecruitBusiness Director

Position Summary:

1 brand VIS maintenance and brand promotion related visual design;

2 online brand flagship store visual planning and design, as well as daily updates and maintenance;

3 the visual design and maintenance of the official website;

4 product packaging design.


1 major in art or visual design;

2 proficiency in the use of Photoshop and Illustrator software;

3 more than two years of relevant professional experience;

4 like or love manual.

RecruitGraphic Artist Designer

Position Summary:

1, according to the popular trend, select the appropriate theme concept.

2, understand the market positioning of global brand clothing, knitted apparel yarn integration work quarterly;

3, understand the structure technology of computer flat knitting machine knitting sweaters, grasp the clothing technology, flower cloth and clothing development amount.

4, the use of Illustrator and Photoshop and other design software mapping.


1, garment and textile related college degree or above, more than 2 years of knitted apparel design experience;

2, master the characteristics of knitted garments, knitted yarn skills, understand the structure and pattern of development.

3, there are aesthetic skills, fashion touch sensitive, have a certain understanding of color;

4, with professionalism, good team work spirit and communication skills, can work under pressure.

RecruitYarn Planning Specialist