Special yarn for fifteen years

Professional quality and creativity

Brand meaning

FASHIONYARN as the core and overall enterprise brand cluster,

The core idea is "fashion".

And the fashion we define is not fashion,

Fashion is synchronized with the times,

A fashion to advance with the times, walking in the front of the society.

Still, is a kind of height, is thinking and the quality of the arrival of the line show.

So, fashion is a kind of interpretation of values.

Company profile

Shanghai fan Xuan Yang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. under the jurisdiction of Shanghai constant Feng yarn Co., Ltd., Shanghai aplendor Textile Co., Ltd., from the beginning of 2002, dedicated to provide special yarn R & D and production and application solutions for the global apparel brand overall.

With hair spray machine in Changshu, core machine and other advanced special yarn production equipment, is one of the largest jet yarn R & D and production base, born in production of various kinds of special yarn 4000 tons; dyeing and finishing plant in Taicang, quality control center, and research and development base.

Shanghai fan Xuan Yang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. to keep pace with the times, and the Chinese fashion trends to achieve the strategic alliance, guided by the international fashion trends, month by month launched spring, summer, autumn and winter the latest products. Through system optimization and integration of resources, in Taicang established textile factories, quality control center and R & D base, build a product research and development and application of integrated system solutions, for clothing brands offer from raw material selection, yarn research and development design, production control to process application integration solutions.

In recent years, FASHIONYARN & reg; selection of a variety of fiber, has introduced special yarn hairiness series, simple series, light series. Products sold in the United States, Italy, Japan, Hongkong, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places, is widely used in knitting, weaving, hand weaving and other fields.

Shanghai headquarters / exhibition hall


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Factory equipment



Fan Xuan Yang notes

2014 | Layout

Formally founded the Shanghai headquarters, the establishment of Shanghai fan Xuan Yang Industrial Development Co., ltd.. In Taicang, the establishment of dyeing and finishing plant, R & D base and quality control center.

2013 | Practice

To "interactive / experience / share" as the core of the life of the brand "return line" to create the introduction, and promote the return of the nature of life

2012 | Anticipation

Build big brand strategy, take the brand as the foundation of each enterprise group, take FASHIONYARN as the core brand to carry on the internal structure reorganization of the enterprise, establish the operation system that takes the customer as the guidance...

2011 | CHANGE Think of change

The establishment of the largest investment China jet yarn production research and development base in Jiangsu.

2010 | Integration

Establish ideal R & D institutions, to create a comprehensive product development to the garment application system

2009 | DEVELOPMENT Development

Zhangjiagang investment to build a semi worsted production base

2008 | EXPLORATION Exploration Bureau

Alibaba in the international station, with the end of the Alibaba as the international gold supplier

2007 | REBORN Be reborn

Investment in the establishment of the Shanghai aplendor Textile Co., Ltd., solving scheme is put on the operation of the process integration of textile yarn, Shanghai Heng Feng yarn completed joint-stock restructuring, the acquisition of all the Hong Kong equity.

2005 | EXPANDING Expand

Shanghai Hengfeng yarn set up offices in Zhangjiagang, began to establish the supplier management system.

2002 | SETTING UP Start

And Hong Kong enterprises jointly funded the formation of Shanghai Hengfeng yarn Co. Ltd.

SPINEXPO International Fashion Show

SPINEXPO Paris 巴黎国际纱线展

SPINEXPO Shanghai 上海国际纱线展

SPINEXPO NewYork 纽约国际纱线展

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