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A fashion to advance with the times, walking in the front of the society.


1 to achieve the company's sales target, gross profit target, collection target;

2 to assist the superior in making sales plan and ensure the completion of sales plan;

3 collect customer data in the area, understand the dynamic and feedback the market information, analyze the customer and market regularly, and form a report;

4 according to customer visit plan and sales plan to visit customers regularly to communicate with customers and help customers to sell;

5 deal with customer order related issues, assist business customer contact;

6 coordinate communication between departments to ensure the smooth flow of the departments and departments;

7 complete sales report data and other temporary work.


1.2535, college degree or above, international trade, textile, clothing, printing and dyeing related majors;

2 more than 2 years working experience in special yarn;

3 hold C1 driver's license;

4 good communication skills in english.

招贤纳士Foreign trade business manager