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A fashion to advance with the times, walking in the front of the society.


1, to assist in the processing of orders throughout the work (including orders, arrange accessories, tracking progress, quality tracking, travel inspection and other work)

2, new product development work (follow the sample preparation, quality confirmation, price check, make quotation, etc.;

3, confirm factory delivery, delivery time and transportation and communication matters;

4, to assist in the completion of the design, proofing and production orders and other related work and data files to co-ordinate the work;


1, 18-28 years old, technical secondary school or above.

2, foreign trade English, marketing, printing and dyeing, textile and garment related professional priority;

3, work carefully and seriously, a strong sense of responsibility, honest and reliable, good conduct;

4. One year or above related experience in related field, driving license or fluent oral English is preferred.